Deep Lines Collagen Repair

For all skin types- Lightening Agents Bearberry Extract, Licorice Extract & Daisy Extract reduce melanin formation & dark circles, 2 peptides-Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 (Matrixyl) increases collagen & elastin production,reduces deep wrinkles by 44%, reduces main wrinkle density by 37% and has a lifting effect increase by 16%.Hexapeptide -3-Argerline is a topical Botox that relaxes the muscles that cause deep wrinkles. Formulated with Red Marine Algae; indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands, increasing skin hydration significantly with its enzymes &minerals for moisture retention.
Peptides are small fragments of proteins that help repair and rejuvenate skin by stimulating collagen production to fill deep lines.  Tzone's new Peptide-6 Treatment contains 6 protein peptide chains including the 2 newest peptide chains Matrixyl 3000 that stimulates Collagen I, III and IV.  Tripeptide - 3 temporarily debilitates muscle contraction.
For all skin types-Increases Quantity & Quality of Collagen by up to 30% as it reduces wrinkle depth by 17%. Repairs existing damaged collagen, increases face elasticity. Protects Collagen from degradation & gycation-Boosts the synthesis of Collagen Types I, III & IV-Provides better cohesion & stabilization of collagen fibers which leads to a more noticeably youthful look. The goal of plant derived stem cells is to protect existing human stem cells residing in the basal layer of human skin from DNA damage due to free radical invasion. Plant Stem Cells such as those found in Pea Protein not only display potent radical quenching activity but also provide powerful antioxidant & MMP 1 activity, preventing collagen from being destroyed. This serum has an anti-wrinkle effect because it inhibits the production of human MMP 1 activity as it prevents glycation, a reaction between proteins & sugars in the skin that causes the loss of elasticity. Skin stem cells are born in the bottom “basal” layer of the epidermis. They are programmed by genes for a specific number of self-renewal patterns that decrease in self replication due to sun, smoking, injury & chronological aging. With age, skin stem cells lose energy, become weaker & less efficient creating healthy skin. Pea protein stem cells repair and regenerate aging & damaged skin stem cells & extend the longevity of normal cells to keep wrinkles at bay. Pea protein also protects the skin from over exposure to UV radiation & dehydration. Plant Stem Cells are excellent for delaying the death of human skin cells, protecting against oxidative stress & repairing D